Photograph by Daniel Hancock

Photograph by Daniel Hancock

Being a photographer, natural events are important, as they often make for interesting photographs. Many photographers stop shooting directly after sunset/sunrise. However, in the direction opposite the sunrise/sunset, color is often to be found. This is called alpenglow.

Alpenglow is the result of light reflecting off of the atmosphere and hitting the sky in the direction opposite the sun. It is not direct sunlight. Because the atmosphere absorbs much of the blue light, alpenglow typically has a redish-orange color. This light can result in stunning photographs of the sky near sunrise and sunset.

 So, next time you are out at evening or early in the morning, try making a 180 degree turn and photograph the alpenglow.

  Note: This photograph is actually of a sunrise. Since alpenglow is normally found at higher altitudes, I have few photographs of an obvious alpenglow - even fewer that have an unobstructed view.  

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