Ansel’s Cave: The West Woods, Geauga Park District

Comprised of a boardwalk with multiple signs warning visitors to stay on the trail, the Ansel's Cave trail doesn't offer much flexibility in terms of creativity. I generally prefer to skip locations like this. However, my great-grandparents used to live on some property that is now part of the park, and my great-grandmother used to come visit the cave. Here are three tips you can use to make your photographs stand out at popular destinations like this.

1. Lighting

As you probably know, lighting makes a huge difference in photography. I prefer soft early morning light. Other conditions such as fog would also make this photograph more interesting.  

2. Lens selection

Telephoto or standard lenses are generally the best option for a developed site like this. They help crop out less-attractive surroundings. My favorite shot at the cave was shot at 53mm providing a close crop on the rocks.

3. Angle

Even though you are limited to the boardwalk, try to use creativity to adjust your angle and find the best shot. I shot through the railing so I could get a lower perspective.

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