Happy 2013, Favorites of 2012

Happy 2013 everyone! While I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to this past year, I'm pleased with the pictures that I did take. At the end of the year, I try to pick a couple favorite photographs to display on my blog. It is always fun looking through landscape photographs from previous years which display the creation of the powerful God. This year, seven photographs made it to the finals. Here they are!  
Copyright 2013 Daniel Hancock

Copyright 2013 Daniel Hancock

Copyright 2012 Daniel Hancock

After getting up early in the morning at Hocking Hills State Park, I walked the short hike from the park campground to the lake. I set-up my camera and tripod and waited until the light was right, and then clicked the shutter.

Falls of Color - Photograph by Daniel Hancock

While visiting Cuyahoga Valley National Park with a friend, we stopped by Blue Hen Falls. With water cascading over several layers of rock, an interesting opportunity for a photograph was presented. Since the light was strong, I exposure bracketed several photographs, and then fused them together with HDR Darkroom. This protected several areas of the photograph from being overexposed because of too much light.

Mountain Gold - Photograph by Daniel Hancock

Serene Morning - Photograph by Daniel Hancock


Allegheny Cascade - Photograph by Daniel Hancock

Autumn Beauty - Photograph by Daniel Hancock


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