It doesn’t just happen

The landscape was almost perfect. There were three things I wanted to include, and three that I didn't. The three things that I did want to include in the composition were:
  • Snow - Not an issue, as it was about a foot deep and everywhere.
  • Evergreens - They look beautiful in the winter.
  • Sun - Adds color to the scene, as well as a focal point.
However, I did not want to include the telephone lines, the road behind the fence, and the nearby houses. Since behind me was an open field, I did not want to back up; that would change the subject of the photograph to a larger scene than desired. The sun also limited the direction that I could shoot in. Having reached this point, I tried a couple of different perspectives, to see which captured it best. A lower perspective was required to eliminate the road and some of the houses. I tried a couple of positions. The photograph below was my favorite of the selection. Afterwards, I edited the telephone lines out, which wasn't hard since they were against the plain background of the sky. The result was definitely worth the work in the cold.  Good photographs don't just happen; they are made. Take your time and work the composition. Wonderland

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