Photography Composition Challenge

Mystery GorgeMany wonder how there could be so much difference between professional photographers and amateurs. There are two primary factors that I think contribute to this gap: experience, and effort. Experience is fairly basic; if you spend your time at your computer instead of in the field, you will not have much experience. However, for a scene such as the one above, it takes effort. Effort to get outside in the cold. Effort to get to the location. Effort to stay warm. Effort to compose. Composition is not about simply seeing something you like and taking photographs of it. It is about seeing something you like, and working the scene, to simplify it, and to bring out the strong points. Use lines to lead, and various points to anchor the eye (such as the foreground rock in the above example). I like taking workshop students to the location in the above photograph, to work the composition. I tell them to not stay in one position, but to see how many interesting and unique photographs they can produce from one subject. Let me encourage you to do the same. Find a good subject. and work the composition. Try many various compositions. and see which you like best. Don't be content with the first photograph. Happy shooting - and get outside!

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