The Efficient Workflow

Winter Snack

Photograph by Daniel Hancock

When processing pictures, it is important to have a way to quickly and efficiently process you pictures. A major part of this is having programs that are fast and that you understand. There are many programs for different tasks and it can be difficult to decide which programs to use. Two of the most popular image sorting/editing programs are Photoshop and Lightroom. A interesting article on the benefits of each can be obtained by clicking here. For those who prefer to go the free way, there are many options. For processing RAW, many use RAW Therapee (click here for a tutorial) or Raw Darktable  (use this if not using a Windows Operating System). However, with a quick search you can find many other free programs. For those who photograph in Jpeg, I would suggest FastStone. It is a fast and easy to use image program. See also - The Efficient Workflow Part II Preparing Images for the Web

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