Bird photography


Photograph by Daniel Hancock

Birds are a difficult subject to take pictures of when you have a lens (or camera if you have a point and shoot) that doesn’t have much zoom. When photographing birds, it comes in handy to have birding skills. There are two techniques that I find the most effective. My favorite is to find a hotspot and stalk to it. The other is to make your own hotspot. This can include anything from a garden with a birdfeeder to a fancy setup of birdhouses and much more. With this as with all wildlife photography, it is important to know the animal you are trying to photograph. Some birds are easier to take pictures of than others. My favorite bird to take pictures of is a chickadee. They are usually in groups and are extremely curious. If you make a “pshee” sound, they usually come. However, if you do this, make sure you are near lots of branches (because that is usually as close as they come). Also, be prepared to take pictures of them on the closest branch. Just recently, I used the technique of finding a hotspot with chickadees. They flew in, but, they came on the closest branch and I couldn’t photograph them. This was because I wasn’t in the correct position and the movement would have scared them away.

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