Camera or Skill?


Photograph by Daniel Hancock

Cameras are tools. Just as a craftsman has his tools, photographers have theirs'. Most tools, however, cannot be used without first learning how to use them.  The better you know how to use you camera, the better. You may be able to get nicer photographs with an improved camera. Still, skill is an essential part using it. Some of this skill can be learned from a book, however, to actually know how to use this knowledge requires practice. When a photographer can perfectly master their camera, the results will be stunning.  

2 Responses to “Camera or Skill?”

  • Aunt Jodie

    Like this photo. The fact that you are closer to one side of the bridge and not in the center, and the way the shot is framed is just unsettling enought that I keep going back and observe the differences in perspective on each side, the little differences in the details. The woods in the background are a nice contrast to the precision of the bridge.

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