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For those who are looking for an easy way to keep up with this blog, we have an RSS feed. For those who already use Google reader, skip the rest of this paragraph. Using RSS you can read the updates from this blog, at the same time you do it for other blogs. I use Google reader to do this.  To use Google reader, just go to, and login or register. Once signed in to Google reader, you can hit the subscribe button in the upper-left, and type the location of the website you want to subscribe to. I use Google reader to keep up with my friends websites, as well as other photography websites.

To subscribe to this blog, click on the "Subscribe via RSS!" button in the bar to the right of this post. Then, in the black bar near the top, subscribe of the feed using Google, and then click Google reader. That's all! Now, anytime you would like to see updates, just go to Google reader.

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