HDR Photo Pro Review

HDR Photo Pro

Photograph by Daniel Hancock

HDR Photo Pro is an high quality HDR program that is capable of achieving dynamic colors. Moreover, it accomplishes more than most other HDR software. Like most computer programs for making HDRs, it can combine images and tone-map images. Unlike many others, though, HDR Photo Pro can convert images from RAW, tone-map single images, and accomplish several other cool features.  
Brandywine Falls

Photograph by Daniel Hancock

My first impressions of HDR Photo Pro is that it is fast, easy to use, and fun. After testing it with several HDRs, I've found it can get excellent results without spending much time on each image. I tried getting an artistic affect on some images and on other images a more realistic approach. With both types of editing, HDR Photo Pro performs superbly. HDR Photo Pro can tone-map both single images and groups of images; it also can batch Bellprocess HDRs; and it does a fantastic job of converting from RAW formats. It it also has an excellent sharpening feature. Although HDR Photo Pro doesn't have any presets, it doesn't have many settings to mess with and still gets the job done. It achieves high quality results with splendid colors. If I were grading it, it would receive an A+. To purchase, please click on the link below. When going through the checkout, you can use the coupon code "Hancockphotography" to receive 15% off.  

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