HDR Photography

HDR Photograph HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR images (or HDRI) allow photographers to take pictures without one section overexposed and another section underexposed. HDR brings a new aspect to photography. Most HDR images are multiple images taken at different exposures combined. This is called bracketing. A large majority of SLRs have an “Auto-bracketing mode” or “Auto-exposure mode.” You can set these to take pictures at different exposures with only one push of the shutter button. If your camera doesn't have either of those modes, it can be done manually. You can set a two second timer, and change the exposure on the camera taking several photographs to have multiple exposures in your set of photographs. When bracketing pictures, it is almost essential to use a tripod! There are multiple programs for combining these pictures and making them into a HDR. My next post will be on some of the commonly know programs. Later, I'll post a tutorial on how to use some of my favorites. The following pictures are HDR. You can view my review of most of the common HDR programs by clicking here.

HDR Photograph

HDR Photograph

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