Insights from an Interview with Chris Moore

This is my recent interview of Chris Moore. His photography stands out to me in color and even just his method of capturing the mood of a scene. He has always enjoyed the outdoors; however, he started only recently (2008) into serious photography. His work and blog can be seen at Today, he lives with his family in Orange Park, Florida.  
Temple in the Sky

Photo by Chris Moore

How did you get started? Like many, my passion travel and nature spawned my interest in photography. It evolved from the pure visual experience to being able to capture the fleeting moments that nature shows us, and presenting those to others with photographs. How important do you think it is to use a tripod? I always use a tripod if I'm out shooting. However, sometimes that is not always possible, and the newer technology with regards to shooting at higher ISO and image stabilization still allows for sharp images when a setting up a tripod is not possible. Some photographers heavily edit their picture in post processing making it hardly recognizable. Do you and why? Since I shoot RAW, editing is always necessary. I don't see myself as a "heavy"editor, but I do believe that the use of Photoshop and other editing programs can really bring an image to life, and is helpful in the creative process. As Ansel Adams said, "The negative is the score, and the print is the performance." Do you prefer Canon or Nikon cameras and lenses? I use *almost* all Canon gear. My current lens of choice is the Nikon 14-24mmG which I mount to my Canon 5D II with a V3 adapter. I think it is the sharpest lens around. Seeing that you live in Florida, I can't help but ask, have you tried taking pictures of Florida Panthers? Not yet 🙂

Photo by Chris Moore

How do you make your photographs unique? Every photograph is unique inasmuch as it presents a single moment at the time it is captured. Since I started shooting in 2008, my style continues to evolve as I constantly work harder to create compelling images. How do you market your photography? I don't market heavily, but I do work hard at SEO for a web presence. Most of my print and license sales are to individuals and companies who found my work online. Is there any 'dream' location you wish to travel to? My favorite area of the world is the South Pacific. I would love to be able to spend more time out there.

Photo by Chris Moore

Your picture (directly above) looks like it might have an interesting story behind it? If it does, would you mind sharing it? That photo was taken on the last day of a week in the Southwest. I went out to Toroweap with photographers Marc Adamus and Vlad Sadovsky. Getting there is a chore in itself-- my SUV could not navigate through the muddier parts of the off road trail, so I had to ditch it roadside and ride in an FJ Cruiser. The afternoon was very overcast, and we spent some time taking scouting shots, determining that the best light at sunset would probably be looking west. As the sun set, the epic light never really came from that direction. We looked behind us, and saw this gorgeous underlit cloud cover to the east, so Marc and I ran as fast as we could across the canyon just in time to shoot an exposure or two before the light faded. It ended up a very dramatic image. If there is any little known photography tip that you think would be helpful to the readers? This is probably not "little known," but Gary Crabbe once told me that a "boring subject in great light will always make a better photo than a great subject in boring light."

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