Image Sorting

Ummm, do I delete that picture or not? This is a commonly asked question. This depends a lot on you and your photography habits. Some photographers may take hundreds of pictures of one subject while others may only take one. The photographer who commonly only takes one photograph of a specific subject probably takes more time to take their picture. Thus, if properly edited, it will probably turn out. Thus, he wouldn't want to delete really any of his pictures unless the elements of the actually image are bad. These include a bad perspective, out of focus(unless you have a program to correct that), a blurry image (unless purposeful), or a bad subject to start with. If only the lighting or colors make you dislike an image, you will probably want to keep it because in a couple months, your editing skills probably will be improved (that is, if you have been practicing). For the photographer who takes hundreds of pictures, they will want to compare the images picking the best and deleting the ones that aren't so great. This applies to you especially if you shoot in Jpeg. If you aren't sure whether or not to keep a specific photo, leave it alone and come back later. However, one way to decide if you are going to keep it is ask this question, would I use it as a computer desktop?

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