Preparing for Autumn

Fall is almost here... How do you prepare for this wonderful opportunity of color? 1. Don't overlook bad weather Overcast and rainy weather can be some of the best weather for fall photography.
Fall Leaf

Photograph by Daniel Hancock

2. If you have an SLR, use a polarizing filter. If you have a SLR, the option of using a polarizing filter is yours. Use it to warm up the colors and add depth to fall photograpy. 3. Try some Macro Photography One of the best ways to capture autumn color is to do closeups. Instead of focusing on a whole scene, why not just focus on a single leaf? 4. Change your Angle Instead of leaving your camera at an ordinary angle, try flipping it, or moving it so that it is at an unusual perspective. 5. If there aren't leaves, add leaves I learned this trick from another photographer. If you have a autumn scene, try adding some color by grabbing some leaves from the ground and spreading them over your subject.    

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