Tip: Rule of Thirds


Photograph by Daniel Hancock

I was doing some writing and was going to link to my post on "the Rule of Thirds." However, I couldn't find any. After looking through the archives, I realised I hadn't ever done it. Well, here it is. The rule of thirds is probably the best known photography rule. When you are taking a photograph, mentally divide your image into thirds both vertically and horizontally (see image on left). Instead of placing your subject in the middle of the picture, try placing it on the lines and especially where they intersect. However, with this rule as with almost any other photography rule, it doesn't always need to be followed. I have seen many stunning photographs where this rule has been broken (Although, I do use it most of the time).

4 Responses to “Tip: Rule of Thirds”

  • Jen

    I am a photography student, studying rule of thirds, I was wondering what kind of F-stop, ISO, shutter-speed e.t.c, you used for this photo.
    Thank you.

    • Daniel Hancock

      ISO 200, 1/60 sec, at f/2.8. The shallow depth of field helps the viewer focus on the eye of the cat, which is the primary focal point.

      Happy shooting!

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