Slips and Slides


Photograph by Daniel Hancock

Safety is an important item to keep in mind when taking pictures. All types of things can happen; one individual tried taking pictures on Mt. Everest and his fingers froze and they had to be amputated. While you probably won’t be taking pictures on Mt. Everest, still keep this in mind. If you have your gloves off for prolonged periods, you may get frostbite. So, during winter, make sure that you bundle up. However, there is more than just cold weather that can cause accidents. One example of this is mud. Once when hiking, I found a dead deer that looked like it slipped into a creek and drowned. The same thing could happen to a photographer. Thus, be careful around mud. Ice can also have similar results. Be sure ice is strong before standing on it. Fishermen often test the ice by throwing a metal bar into it. If it goes through, they don’t walk on it. Overall, just use common sense. Don’t stand in the middle of the road to take pictures of the car driving at you!

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