The Photographer’s Main Tool

Nap time

Photograph by Daniel Hancock

“Ah, a bird is taking off! Now where is that button on my camera?” A camera is just a tool of the photographer. The better the camera, the better the result. However, the work a tool does also depends on the craftsman who is using it. Thus, the better a person knows their camera, the better the pictures they take. One method to test your knowledge of your camera is to simply use it without looking down. Do you know where the button to change your ISO is? Do you even know what ISO (and shutter speed, aperture, and f-stop) is? So, as a start, read your camera manual. If you don't have one, you can probably look it up on the internet. Following that, make sure you know the buttons on your camera. Practice is an important factor in completely mastering this tool.

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