UFOs =)

When taking landscape pictures, it is absolutely important to make sure that you don't have any unwanted foreground objects (UFO) in your foreground. A stick or anything. It is absolutely annoying when you take a great picture except for a stick or something in the foreground. An example of this is the picture below. However, you are probably wondering how this can be done for ever picture. Well, quite frankly, the easiest way is either take a good look in front of you camera or take a test shot. Test shots are useful for getting the right exposure and everything. I've heard some photographers say not to trust you LCD screen. This is correct for exposure, you trust your histogram for that. However, for setting up your shot, I would suggest using your LCD screen (unless you have a large viewfinder in which you can see much detail). Once you have taken you test shot, I would suggest you zoom in on it checking for those UFOs. Keep in mind though, some pictures you won't have to worry about unwanted foreground objects if you don't have any nearby that would get in the way.

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